Through Bossong we provide a wide of anchoring systems:

  • Shot Anchors are applied by means of a power tool. We provide power tools, cartridges and a variety of nails for various applications.
  • Mechanical anchors- Range in stock includes raw bolts in galvanised steel or stainless steel for various sizes. We provide eyebolt anchors for façade scaffoldings.
  • Chemical anchors are a replacement for mechanical anchors and work by adhesion. They are composed of two components: a hardener and polyester/epoxy. The chemical anchor is mixed while being injected into the anchor point and a threaded rod or rebar is inserted into the hole. After a given amount of time, depending on type of chemical anchor and ambient temperature, the anchor can be fully loaded.

Advantages of chemical anchors:

  • They do not expand, therefore they do not cause pressure into the anchor point.
  • They use adhesion rather than friction.
  • Easy to apply.
  • They can resist lateral forces without losing their grip.
  • Avoid water infiltration through anchor point without need of additional sealer. This makes it an ideal solution for anchoring on flat roofs or terraces.
  • Chemical anchors to be applied underwater or on flooded holes, are also available.
  • Ideal for installing handrails, railings, guard rails, crash barriers, doors, gates, PVs.

Accessories available include plastic cages for hollow brick application and galvanised steel sockets for removable threaded rods.