Apex Interiors Ltd will help you find the acoustic treatments which best suit your specific needs for increased cAonfidentiality, less noise fatigue and less echoes. This will undoubtedly lead to increased efficiency for your workers. Contact us for a customised solution.

Suspended ceilings were originally developed to offer acoustic control. Since then the acoustic performance of ceilings has been further improved and Armstrong is always looking for ways of enhancing the sound absorption and sound attenuation of its products.

Knauf-Armstrong have developed various products to meet specific needs in demanding situations, not only acoustics and fire, but also humidity resistance, hygiene and impact resistance. We have products which offer a lifetime guarantee and can also withstand a Relative Humidity of 99% and 100%.

Suspended ceilings hide and provide access to pipes and electrical fixtures. This means access to services as air-conditioning, smoke detection and sprinkler systems. Suspended ceilings also cover cracks, stains and damage on old ceilings. Suspended ceilings offer better and cheaper lighting possibilities. Ceilings play a crucial role in optimising light reflection and saving on energy.

K-flex also provides K-FONIK OPEN CELLS which is a thermal-acoustic insulation material, ideal for sound absorption applications. It combines excellent acoustic performance and insulation characteristics. Supplied in different formats and thicknesses, based on customer requirements. Various solutions exist from removing sound made by drainage pipes, insulating noise transfer between floors, sound isolating a room or machine so that noise emitted does not disturb as well as improving acoustics in a room by decreasing flat surfaces. The material is also classified as Class 0 in terms of fire classification and we can also provide DNV certification for marine applications.